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CN-600SA 600-LED Photo Studio Light 3200-5400K Dimming Lamp

CN-600SA 600-LED Photo Studio Light 3200-5400K Dimming Lamp


100% Brand new and top quality.

Dimmer Knob: For dimming, users can dim to suit different shooting conditions.
Slots are designed on the front surface of the product to fix the diffuser and filter.
Standalone Dimmer. For dimming conveniently when the light panel is placed at a high position.
Without Diffuser & Filter: light is of spotlight effect and suitable for shooting at a relatively long distance.
Power Adapter: For AC 100V~230V to DC inverting and power stabilizing.
With Filter: the color temperature of light changes from 5400K to 3200K.
U-bracket: To fix the light panel and adjust light direction.
Clamping Screws: To fix the light panel with U-bracket.
With Diffuser: light is of soft light effect.
Power Switch: To switch on or off.
Power Input: For input of DC power.
Gels Holder: For packing the diffuser and filter.
Barn Doors: For better adjustment of light direction.


Mount the light panel on a light stand with a suitable direction, unfold the barn doors and then connect with power. If power is standalone Li-ion battery, please check if the standalone Li-ion battery is securely installed and in normal condition before use.
Please insert diffuser or filter from the top down gently.
Switch on and dim according to different shooting conditions. Light direction can be adjusted through the two clamping screws that fix the light panel with the U-bracket.
Switch off after use.


Dampness causes a shot circuit. Please place the product where it is dry and ventilated.
Please turn off after use, in order to avoid power waste and longtime heat generation, and further shorten the service life of LED lamps.


LED Quantity:  600 Pcs
Total Power:  36W
 AC Power: 100V-240V
DC Power: 14.8V
Color Temperature: 3200K to 5400K
Size of diffuser & Filter: 264mm * 271mm * 2mm
Size of Barn Doors: 225mm * 120mm
Size of light Frame: 280mm * 280mm * 60mm
1m    5900lux.
2m    1700lux.
3m    720lux.


Package included:

1 x CN-600SA LED photo studio light

1 x 3m US Power cable
1 x AC Power adapter
1 x English manual
1 x Purple filter
1 x Yellow filter

1 x Diffuser

$ 208 USD
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